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Little Foot shoe boutique is one of the best places in Prague to find fancy footwear for your little ones. Specializing in well-known brand names, including Cavalli, Lamborghini, Moschino, Missouri, U.S.Polo, LIU-JO, Garvalin, Biomecanics, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, Geox, Lelli Kelly, Carlo Pignatelli, Mod 8, Naturino, Noel, Pablosky, Pollino, Primigi, Romagnoli, SuperFit, Viking, Robeez, Simone, Giesswein and more, Little Foot offers a large variety of footwear for children up to size 40. At Little Foot you can find a wide variety including sandals, boots, trainers, slippers and dress shoes, all made from different materials including leather, canvas and more. Little Foot is proud to feature shoes that your children will feel comfortable in. All of the shoes feature anatomical molding which gives effective protection against hard impact walking all the while supporting the back, ensuring that your child will grow up with healthy feet and without back or knee problems. The sole of the shoes are slip resistant as well, providing little ones with great traction. Little Foot sells high quality, imaginative, colorful and safe footwear for children. The Little Foot store in Slovanský Dům now offers fluffy skirts by the American brand Oopsy Daisy Baby, in which your little girl will look like a miniature princess.

Kotva: Nám. Republiky 8, Praha 1, +420 420 224 801 232. Slovanský Dům: Na Příkopě 22, Praha 1, +420 224 248 714. Letňany, Veselská 663, Praha 9, +420 266 710 223,


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