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Botas is a traditional Czech brand of sports shoes, which became massively popular in the sixties when its shoes started to be marketed as leisure time shoes. One proof of this enormous popularity is the fact that in the Czech language the word "botasky" is a general word for any sneakers or sports shoes whatsoever. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, the Botas brand was a bit overshadowed by foreign brands, even though the company remained a popular producer of shoes specifically for sports. However, during the last few years things have changed and Botas sneakers are making a powerful comeback thanks to the Botas Classic 66 project. This project originated as the ingenious idea of Jan Kloss and Jakub Korouš, two students of graphic design and visual communication, who as a part of their school project decided to demonstrate how advantageous it could be for a well-established company to cooperate closely with a graphic designer. Thanks to a positive response from the Botas company, the students could realize their project and the result is a hugely successful Botas Classic 66 collection, which received multiple Czech and international awards including the first position in the European design competition ED-Awards, the third position in the prestigious designer competition Czech Grand Design 2008 and an award in the category "The Best Presentation of a Producer" at the Prague Designblok '09 trade fair. Botas shoes, including the Classic 66 collection, are available at the Botas design shop in Prague 3. 

Křížkovského 1584/18, Praha 3,


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