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With various shopping locations throughout Prague, you will not have to travel far to find a Salamander shoe shop. Salamander, a German shoe company dates back to 1904 when Jakob Sigle, a 23-year-old shoemaker and Max Levi, a leather merchant joined forces and created the popular company to the delight of shoe lovers. By 1909 the successful project had grown into 26 shoe outlets in Germany and by 1914, Salamander was producing over 2 million pairs of shoes per year. The rest is history so they say with Salamander currently operating in over 50 stores in Germany and around 150 in France, Austria, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Russia. Salamander is a household name in the world of shoes thanks to their never-ending supply of fashionable, high quality shoes with great service to match. The company truly produces shoes that are good value for the money, which is why Salamander continues its success story to this day. In addition to the Salamander brand, Salamander also sells top brands such as Birkenstock, Gabor, MEXX, Timberland, CAT, Camel Active, Lurchi, Scholl, Tommy Hilfiger and more. At Salamander you can find not only fashionable shoes but also accessories and handbags.

Národní 41, Praha 1, +420 234 093 511. Václavské Nám. 12, Praha 1, +420 296 303 260. Na Příkopě 23, Praha 1, +420 222 101 151. Žitná 23, Praha 1, +420 296 303 180. Na Přikopě 16, Praha 1, +420 222 242 297. Na Pankráci 86, Praha 4, +420 225 111 414. Centrum Chodov, Roztylská 2321/19, Praha 4, +420 272 075 233.


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