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The Le Chaton Company owns four boutiques in the Prague city center - Le Chaton, Le Chaton CHARMANT, Le Chaton Chic, and Le Chanton MAN, all of which are luxury boutiques with lovely clothing, swimwear and lingerie for fashionable, elegant women and men. If you are looking for high quality lingerie store with professional and friendly staff members, Le Chaton is definitely the right place for you. Helena Konarovská, who travels twice a year to the world’s largest lingerie fair in Paris to find new inspiration, carefully chooses new lingerie collections, fashion forward design and brands. You can therefore be sure that the underwear in Le Chaton will always include the best of the best regarding new brands and trends. Bras, panties, tops, night and sports clothing of the brands Lise Charmel, Eprise, Antigel, Prima Donna and many others, corsets of French brand Cadolle and English brand Woolrich, all this and much more can be seen and bought in the Le Chaton boutiques. In the boutiques you can also try swimsuits of various colors, designs, sizes and brands. Of course there is a wide selection of beach accessories to match the swimsuits. Another special product available at Le Chaton is the men's underwear brand Athos. A Brazilian designer who addressed the most famous tattoo artists and then presented a tattoo-inspired underwear collection makes Athos. The unique designs combined with high-quality materials have definitely no competition on the Czech market!

Le Chaton: Opletalova 18, Praha 1, +420 224 224 454. Le Chaton CHARMANT: Vodičkova 20, Praha 1, +420 222 232 444. Le Chaton CHIC: Politických vězňů 21, Praha 1, +420 230 234 286. Le Chaton MAN, Vodičkova 20, Praha 1, +420 273 132 679, www.lechaton.cz


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