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If you rely on Czech quality while purchasing lingerie and swimwear, you will certainly be familiar with the traditional brand Triola, which has become a symbol of excellence, high-quality, functionality and fashion on the Czech market. With several shops around the city center, the Triola brand is convenient for its customers and furthermore the shop on Vinohradská Street is even designed for mothers with young children as it features a play area for kids. If you prefer shopping and choosing suitable lingerie directly from your home, you can also use the Triola and Charme mode e-shops. The Triola Company successfully manufactures high quality lingerie from the Triola and Charme brands, which have both received the prestigious CZECH MADE award. This award ensures the consistent quality of materials, processing technology and excellent service and customers can therefore rely on consistently high quality, reliability, comfort and affordability of all Triola products. With its own development and design center, the Triola brand flexibly responds to current demands and the latest world fashion trends. Therefore, you can be sure that every piece that you purchase here will become your new favorite one.

Vinohradská 89/90, Praha 3, + 420 267 312 273. Kosmická 739/5, Praha 4, +420 272 656 398. Milady Horákové 50, Praha 7, +420 224 232 240. Sokolovská 126/40, Praha 8, +420 222 362 251. Zenklova 454/36, Praha 8, +420 284 686 790,


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