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The Girls Without Clothes brand is here for all those who are living the big city life yet carry the ocean, mountains and the wilderness in their hearts… for anyone who is not tied up by one particular style or culture, who always carries "home" with him- or herself and never stops hunting for new adventures, inspirations and experience from all the corners of the world. Girls Without Clothes (GWC), originally a project based on photographic work, now a successful brand with a resonant name, was established by Martin Feix in 2013. Boasting more than 10 years of experience from the field of photography, Martin Feix specializes in combining this field with other creative activities. The GWC brand is one of those activities and brings collections of clothing for both men and women to the market. Clothing by GWC will charm you with its quality and style, and also with the story behind it. GWC is characterized by a minimalist design, which is created by the brand's founder himself and is tuned down to the last detail by an external graphic designer. When creating the collections, Martin puts strong emphasis on the quality of materials and sewing. At the visually impressive online store you can choose from a wide range of classic hoodies, bombers, basic sweatshirts, street dresses, waistcoats, T-shirts and crop-tops. Moreover, there is an array of special pieces waiting for you, including a limited underwear collection, which was, like many other products by GWC, created in cooperation with Elena Kožusznikova, who has her own underwear brand, LNK rules. Boys can look forward to a wide spectrum of T-shirts, hoodies, classic American baseball shirts and light jackets. This all is complete with a collection of unisex beanies and baseball caps. Martin Feix speaks of the Girls Without Project as a "lifestyle brand" that, along with the clothing, comprises a precious addition in the form of a story, which is behind every new design. It is the same with the girls presenting the clothing. Searching for personal charm, charisma and distinctive lifestyle rather than the perfect look and a professional performance, Martin chooses the "models" carefully and always makes sure the life story of the girl matches the story of the brand. Together with clothing production, Martin & his team offer also custom photo shoots (especially portraits, lifestyle), filmmaking and mediation of custom textile products for your company, music band, sports team or friends. 

Karolíny Světlé 1016/9, Praha 1, 


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