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Do you skate? Are you into the skateboard subculture and all of its smart gadgets and functional clothing? If so, you should know that there is a super modern and totally cool skate store located in one of Prague's hippest neighborhoods, offering all the things you might need. This includes so-called skate hardware (decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, etc.), as well as a wide range of skateboard clothing and accessories. TULIPSKATE offers an array of skateboard and streetwear brands, ranging from world-famous companies, such as Thrasher, Primitive, Sk8mafia, adidas skateboarding, Thunder, and HUF, to local skate brands. One of these is Tulipskate’s own line, consisting of various types of clothing and accessories, all of which feature simple, functional designs and a minimalist logo. Collections by Tulipskate include pants, shorts, T-shirts, and shirts, the majority of which have one thing in common – they are designed in such way as to not hinder the skateboarder while he or she is practicing. Top quality materials, along with a stylish design, are a matter of course. Furthermore, Tulipskate produces fanny packs and baseball caps in various colors. You can search through the TULIPSKATE store’s entire catalog online – the e-shop is user-friendly and fun to click through. We do, however, recommend that you visit the shop in person. You will be amazed both by the atmosphere of the place and the people working in it. It is no surprise that a group of skateboard enthusiasts is behind this cool skate store. Ivo and Daniel, the founders, themselves dedicated skaters, decided to turn their lives upside down and transform their long-term hobby into a business. And so in 2017 they established TULIPSKATE and opened their lovely shop, which is situated in Karlín. Stop by today!

Křižíkova 66, Prague 8 – Karlín, info@tulipskate.cz, +420 606 038 748, www.tulipskate.cz


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