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Dlouhá Gourmet Passage

The Dlouhá Gourmet Passage is a gem of a find in the center of Prague's Old Town, just a short walk from the famous Old Town Square. This gourmet food passage is a must see for lovers of the finer things in life. At the Dlouhá Gourmet Passage, one of the first of its kind in Prague, quality and passion for all things gourmet rules. This food and beverage space that is dedicated to tradition, fresh, high quality products, and exceptional taste, is a true haven for gourmet-lovers in Prague. The passage features not only Czech delicacies but also international specialities – all for you to better pamper yourself. The passage is currently occupied by these exciting establishments: Sisters – a healthy fast food cafe, operated by the author of the well-known cookbooks “Zpátky domů” (Back Home Again) and “Recepty z farmářského trhu” (Recipes from the Farmers' Market), Mrs. Hana Michopulu, that was featured in the New York Times as places to visit in Prague (April 2014); the passage also features a few great wine shops - Bokovka Wine Bar – sister establishment of the Bokovka wine club, where you can sample fine Moravian and European wines by the glass and purchase bottles, and the U Mouřenína Wine Shop - specializing in French and Italian wines and French cognac. Should you be in need of fresh meat – visit the Naše Maso butcher´s shop, where friendly butchers will be happy to cook the meat onsite for you as well. You can also purchase high quality fresh vegetables and fruits at Frutapura. Visit the Dlouhá Gourmet Passage today and get your gourmet groove on!  

Palác DLOUHÁ, Dlouhá 39, Praha 1, www.gurmetpasazdlouha.cz 


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