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As the creator and designer Pavla Šarounová herself claims, the COCICI brand was originally established because of her love for cats. In the course of time the interest of the brand spread to dogs and to the owners of pets who will especially appreciate the perfect designs of the cat scratching posts, beds and other COCICI products. COCICI cat scratching posts and beds will please your animal friends thanks to their functionality and comfort and moreover, will look great in your home interior. Cats, dogs and their owners will certainly appreciate the long lifespan of all products. The creation of all products, which are handmade in the Czech Republic, is preceded by consultations with a veterinarian in order to prevent any possible health problems with your pet such as joint damage. Cat scratching posts, beds for cats and dogs, kennels, mattresses, stairs, ramps and spare parts for all products can be purchased at the COCICI e-shop or at Vetcentrum Petshop in Prague's Smíchov. If you find what you need in the wide range of products already offered, COCICI will be glad to create a product for you according to your wishes. By purchasing a COCICI product you will, moreover, contribute to a great cause because 1-2% of each product sale goes to benefit a Prague dog shelter in the form of food or medications. Besides furniture for cats and dogs, COCICI also deals with the design of free-standing and built-in furniture, family house designs, construction modifications and interior design.

Ing. Pavla Šarounová, Londýnská 31,Prague 2, +420 731 254 567, Store located at Vetcentrum Petshop, Radlická 571/70, Praha 5


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