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Located in the center of the hidden and pretty Franciscan Garden is a charming and whimsical square-shaped Baroque garden house. This little cottage-like structure is home to Tribu, a fun, colorful store full of funky handmade Czech and international design products including clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags and more. Tribu is an exclusive importer of the Antoine et Lili brand, whose products are imported right from their Parisian studio where they are created. Antoine et Lili means mainly rich colors, quality natural materials (silk, flax, wool or cotton), clean lines, precision cuts and a retro spirit (inspired by the 50s and the 60s). Besides the models by this unique French studio Tribu also offers design products created by young Czech designers and students of design, for example pieces from Mayda, Alex, Manie des robes, brooches by Jirina Riantova (participant of the Designbloc show), polymer jewelry by Bobule corporation or necklaces by Hanus Lamr. If you are searching for a unique gift for friends or loved ones, or you just wish to find something special for yourself, Tribu is a good place to start. It is an extra-added bonus that before or after you browse through the store you can wander through the Franciscan Garden and take time to stop and smell the roses.

Franciscan Garden, Prague 1, +420 777 654 389,


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