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Belda Factory has its modest beginnings in 1915, after the founder Ladislav Belda moved to the far away land of America from Turnov and opened Belda & Co., a firm that produced pearls and glass beads. After the company became a success, Ladislav also opened a jewelry store in New York City. After his stint in America, Mr. Belda then decided to go back to Bohemia and hometown of Turnov where he quickly became one of the most important figures in glassmaking in the land of Bohemia. A prime example of his achievements would have to be his work on the cleaning and restoring of the copies of the Bohemian Coronation Jewels. Since then his legend has turned to the next successor in the family business, Jiří Belda Jr. who has since renewed the former company with his father, who together have started to produce their own new, modern designs. A great display of their latest successes is seen in their collaboration with the granddaughter of Alfons Mucha, arch. Jarmila Plocková. Together they created new and original pieces according to Mucha’s designs, designs which had not been created before. The jewelry was made with high quality precious stones and enamel and was processed using traditional handcrafted techniques. The Mucha collection has been available in the Belda shop in Prague since 1998 alongside new, original and unique jewelry, porcelain and glass, all from Czech producers and designers.

Mikulandská 10, Prague 1, +420 224 933 052,



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