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In the historic Ungelt Courtyard located behind the imposing Gothic beauty of Tyn Church is Material, a glass design shop that sells gorgeous handmade glass in an equally beautiful setting. The shop is quite large and is situated in a Renaissance building that has been lovingly renovated with the esthetics of beauty in mind. The space showcases dark gray walls and vaulted ceilings with gorgeous wooden shelves that display the splendid design glass. Upon entering you will notice the front glass door that features a glass vase; as you walk through you will witness large classic chandeliers and massive light fixtures that are made of hanging glass balls that will simply enthrall you. The glass collection is designed, produced and sold by the owner of Material, Tomáš Kysela, who is quite the avant-garde glass designer. Kysela is a true glass designing genius: not only does he design glass products but he also studies technological possibilities of various glass making factories which manufacture his permanent collections for him and develops new complex glass making technologies. His work therefore does not stop when his design is ready. Kysela produces an extensive variety of glass: glasses called Drunken Sailor- with an oval bottom to remind you of ancient times when people drank from shells or out of the palms of their hands, which nevertheless keep balanced, or high stemmed glasses whose edges are naturally wavy (owing to the specific production procedures), vases on thick stems that change color like a chameleon according to its lit background, massive and really heavy vases and bowls, which are handmade with the use of a technology originally invented for their production (including blowpipes which can carry double the weight of normal blowpipes), glass chandeliers for large interiors, glass beads and other original designs. The design of the whole store, including the wooden tables is also the work of Tomas Kysela. Among Material's famous customers are members of the British royal family and other celebrities.

Tyn 1, Ungelt Courtyard, Praha 1, +420 608 664 766.



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