Kristýna Jakoby Javůrková

The young Czech designer Kristýna Javůrková specializes in designing women's fashion with emphasis on simplicity, purity and quality of processing. Her designs bearing the Jakoby brand are not designated for specific age groups, occasions, gender or nationality. Kristýna Javůrková's clothes do not aim to set fashion trends or persuade the people who wear them about anything. Her clothes are available for those who like them, regardless of any other conditions. Materials are very important for the designer – she works with light, natural materials, such as cotton, wool, silk and linen. Natural colors, such as shades of gray and brown, as well as white, black and beige dominate. Her dresses, tunics, blouses and other clothes do not aim to define the people who wear and similarly the goal is not to show off who the designer is. Kristýna Javůrková graduated from the Graphic school in Prague where she specialized in polygraphy, and then from the College of Fashion Design in Prague. Currently she is a student of fashion design at the Faculty of Multimedia and Design at the Tomas Bata University in Zlín. You can buy her clothes in Prague stores with design clothing (Basmatee, Hard-de-core).,

Address: Školská 7, Praha 1 | Senovážné náměstí 10, Praha 1

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