Comfortable, stylish, timeless and easily combinable unisex clothing made locally – that is the Wolfgang brand in a nutshell. You can explore this brand's work at its official website (listed below), whose visually attractive design was awarded at the Awwwards competition in 2018. Boasting the same visually attractiveness is the Prague Wolfgang boutique, situated in Old Town, just a few steps from Republic Square. The boutique's interior features the same key elements as the entire production of this popular brand – clear white tiling is complete with wooden plank flooring and raw, all the more stylish metal accessories. Simplicity, going hand in hand with stylishness and timelessness, breathes through all the collections, which are divided into three sections: Lazy, Fine and Classy. The first collection includes comfy cotton daily wear, while the second collection is full of flowing cuts and smooth, delicate materials and includes, among others, long dresses that can be worn to work, over loose pants or as evening fashion. The third line, which is named Classy, is dominated by leather, hand-sewn accessories of various sizes. This collection comprises minimalistic leather clutches, purses, backpacks, cross-body handbags and large business bags. The designer clothing by Wolfgang does not copy the seasons, but on the contrary – thanks to a sophisticated, yet simple design – builds on minimalistic pieces that are combinable and fit together perfectly, which is why you can layer them infinitely and thereby create your own unique style for every day. The Wolfgang brand was established in Brno in 2012 by Viktorie Kaštánková and Zuzana Milandu. Since the very beginning, these two lovely designers have been emphasizing their distinctive style, which has charmed a great number of locals. Thanks to that, Kaštánková and Milandu opened another store in 2016, and this time in Prague. As the founders of the brand say, Wolfgang embodies a particular lifestyle and direction, putting emphasis on the freedom of each individual and the strength that lies in being a part of the pack. Find your pack today! 

Benediktská 5, Praha 1, +420 737 638 663, www.wolfgangstore.cz 

Address: Benediktská 5, Praha 1

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