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Weleda dates back to 1921 when a popular movement called anthroposophy by Dr. Rudolf Steiner encouraged people to see a holistic system that links body, mind and spirit to the natural world. And so Dr. Steiner together with a Dr. Ita Wegman and a team of scientists came together in Arlesheim, Switzerland to see how they could apply such a philosophy to healing patients in a holistic manner with natural ingredients and by doing so created one of the world’s first Biodynamic gardens. The rest is the history of the birth and international success of Weleda, which currently operates around the world with offices and partnerships in over 50 countries. Weleda still cultivates their own Biodynamic gardens as they believe in the fact that only natural ingredients provide what a body needs to be healthy, well, vibrant and full of beauty. The company continues to this day to grow and keeps spreading their message and passion for natural wellness, beauty, fair trade, environmental awareness and respect around the globe. Some fun educational facts about Weleda include: They have created the largest medicinal plant garden in Europe - located in Germany it features close to 200 plant species, In Moldova they work with fair trade partners, cultivating some of the world’s best lavender on the market and in Turkey they employ over 270 family farmers to grow high quality organic rose petals. Weleda products are sold in most health food stores, online and in Prague 5 where there is a Weleda beauty consultant office.

Lidická 336/28, Praha 5, +420 257 315 888, www.weleda.cz 


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