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Guerlain Paris L’Institut

Located in bustling Old Town, Guerlain Paris L’Institut is Prague’s top beauty salon where all of your beauty needs can be fully met. The house of Guerlain was founded in Paris in 1828 and is among the world’s oldest perfume houses. It is said that confectionary products offered the original inspiration for the first perfumes concocted by the French company, which was clearly apparent with the usage of vanilla and amber. The most famous scent from Guerlain is most certainly Shalimar, a gorgeous deep fragrance with velvety hints of vanilla bean and lemon. With Shalimar, the house of Guerlain became the first producer of an oriental genre of perfume. Guerlain has progressed over the years to offer a fine assortment of brilliant makeup and luxury skincare products. At the Guerlain Paris L’Institut in Prague you can not only sample and purchase these high-class products, you can also enjoy some pampering beauty time with a special customized Guerlain experience that can include a personalized facial, body sublimation, intensive hand and foot therapies and exceptional hairdressing services.  

Dlouhá 704, Praha 1, +420 704 227 330, 


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