Jane Bond

Are you searching for a whimsical headpiece to make your wardrobe a bit more daring and original? Are you planning a wedding and need the fascinator of your magical dreams? If you answered yes to either question you need the Czech fascinator designer, Jane Bond! Jane Bond creates colorful and unique fascinators appropriate for any fashionable occasion. Each creation is handmade, making each headband different and completely unique. Whether you wish for feathers, butterflies, silk flowers, beads, birds or a combination, you can be sure to find what you are looking for with Jane Bond’s wonderful and fabulous collection. Jane Bonds bright and bold headbands are for sale at www.fler.cz and www.etsy.com. Jane Bond was established in 2009 after Ms. Bond left fashion design for the world of hair accessories instead. As she is the unique contributor of fascinators to the world of fashion and design, Jane Bond works with celebrities, musicians, actresses and more. Fashion accessories are always in style, why not start your own signature style with a wild and beautiful Jane Bond Headband? You will definitely stand out in the crowd and be remembered as the gorgeous creature with the imaginative headpiece!

Meetings by appointment only at Slezska 48, Prague 2, +420 777 564 665, skype: janebond.cz, www.janebond.cz

Address: Slezska 48, Praha 2

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