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Guan Yin

The ancient Chinese system of aesthetics called Feng Shui is one of the major themes of the Guan Yin store. In addition to Feng Shui articles, you will find a wide range of Chinese food, teas and oriental goods. The name of the store is taking from the goddess of mercy, Guan Yin, who was introduced to the world in a 12th century legend. Feng Shui experts will surely enjoy the wide offer of reasonably-priced items available at Guan Yin. You can buy Feng Shui horoscopes, Feng Shui statues, Chinese food items, other statues of all types and sizes, Buddha idols, vases, fans, Chinese tea sets, porcelain teapots and tea cups plus precious stones and minerals. Also on offer is a wide range of white, green and black teas, ranging from 39 CZK to 380 CZK for Pu-erh tea. The culinary specials offered at Guan Yin come not only from a few carefully selected Chinese provinces, but also from the Far East. In addition to the goods offered, Guan Yin will provide you with information about Feng Shui for your home or workplace, plus further consultation in various fields if you so wish. The friendly and professional staff members will help you choose teas and Buddha statues (for example, which Buddha would bring joy to your family and friends), as well as how to properly combine a selection of Chinese food, how to improve your Feng Shui environment and more. The Guan Yin store is located close to the Anděl metro station. To make shopping even more convenient, Guan Yin operates an on-line store where you can select goods in the comfort of your own home and have them delivered to your front door.

Lidická 33, Praha 5, +420 605 733 020,



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