Ondřej Pýcha – Sportovci | Book Cover | Sáblíková
Photography by Ondřej Pýcha | Radek Štepánek
Tomáš Berdych | Ondřej Pýcha Photographer
Barbora Strýcová | Czech Photographer
Ester Ledecká | Czech Snowboarder
Lucie Šafářová
Gabriela Koukalová | Czech Biathlete
Martina Sáblíková | Ondřej Pýcha, Praha
Klára Spilková by Ondřej Pýcha
Tomáš Ujfaluši | Czech Footballer | Sportovci
Karolína Plíšková | Czech Tennis Player
Pavel Nedvěd | Football
Marek Hamšík | Slovak Footballer

Ondřej Pýcha – Sportovci

What is the one thing that unites all world nations, including the Czech nation? Sports. It stokes the fire of passion, teaches us the principle of fair play, and so on. Simply, it plays an integral role with human beings. Ondřej Pýcha, portrait and commercial photographer based in Prague knows that and showcases this in his new book, the Sportsmen. This new piece by Ondřej Pýcha consists of a complex collection of portraits, presenting Czech top sportsmen ranging from the field of ice-hockey, football and tennis to Olympic sports, such as kayaking, speed skating and biathlon. The pages of the Sportsmen book will transport you to the world of the strongest sport personalities of both past and upcoming generations. Through the camera lens of Ondřej Pýcha you can see such athletes as the seasoned and renowned Petr Nedvěd, notorious and medially publicized sportsmen, such as Milan Baroš, Petr Čech or Tomáš Berdych, and also less known, rising faces of the Czech sport scene, such as, for example, Martin Fuksa, a young kayaker. The photographs, which have been taken in Prague as well as in other European ans Czech cities, have been collected from many different sports and social magazines. The color and monochrome photos capture the power of the moment perfectly - there is a particular dose of energy in all of them. The portraits uncover the sportsmen in diverse moods and environments, sometimes combined in an unexpected way. The collection of the photographs, covering the time between 2005 and 2016, depicts a great number of first class Czech football players. It is of no coincidence then that Ondřej Pýcha discovered his talent as a 13-year old boy while watching and shooting football matches. A few years later, he connected the inclination to sport with love for music and began to photograph bands. To this day, he has photographed more than one hundred album covers and boasts several prestigious awards, including the Angel Award 2006 for the best album cover. After solo exhibitions such as Lidi/People, Hráči/Players and Look at me!, the time arrived for Ondřej Suchý to create the unique Sportsmen book collection and reflect on his lifelong passion for sport. He will easily pass this on to you as well - just simply leaf through the book. 

PÝCHA, Ondřej: Sportovci, www.pycha.com 


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