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Life is full of surprises, some good, some not so good. Body ID will keep you prepared for the most unpleasant ones. These durable, custom-made bracelets contain all the information that matter the most when an accident resulting in losing conscience or the ability to communicate occurs. The Body ID bracelets facilitate the immediate identification of the person wearing it, the most accurate medical treatment and the possibility of contacting close contact persons. The bracelets consist of two parts: the strap, whose size, color and other features can be adjusted to your liking, and the ID faceplate, which is made of top-quality stainless steel (a material close to surgical stainless steel). With the use of laser technology, this ID faceplate is branded with key information, such as your personal information, emergency contacts (including your family), insurance data, allergies and other medical records and possible health complications. Alongside with the above-mentioned data, the ID faceplate can be decorated with a motto, a symbol or a simplified picture, and also complemented with another, smaller badge with any kind of picture or text content. Body ID wristband is an ideal choice for all cyclists, runners, swimmers, alpinists, hikers and other sportsmen, and also for children, seniors and especially for anyone with a medical disability (that includes allergies, epilepsy, diabetes, etc.). Worth mentioning is also a special stainless dog ID tag with elastic rings, thanks to which it can easily be attached to a dog / cat collar. In case you do not want to place all your personal data on the ID faceplate or, on the contrary, want to share a larger amount of information that would not fit (e.g. your medical diagnosis), you can easily create an online medical profile. In that case, your Body ID bracelet will only include a unique PIN code (hidden on the back side of the label) and a phone number. Everyone – including your savior – who sends the PIN code to this number immediately obtains key information and access to the online platform with an expanded medical profile. The online profile is available both in Czech and English. Get yourself and your loved ones the Body ID bracelet and stay calm – fortune favors the prepared!, +420 775 677 103 


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