Old Toys

The Old Toys e-shop specializes in antique toys, knick-knacks, baubles, trinkets, and more, especially for collectors and those looking for retro or antique toys in Prague. Old Toys offers a wide and varied selection of toys, which, despite the name of the e-shop, includes new toys too. The selection of old toys includes table games, dolls, teddy bears, model cars, metal toys, children's books and more, while the selection of new toys includes the "retro" Igračeks (the Czech version of Playmobiles), dolls, baby coaches, and much more. The company also buys out old toys. The Old Toys e-shop is excellent for collectors and for those who want to remind themselves of their own childhood and perhaps share a little piece of it with their own children.

Žerotínova 66, Praha 3, +420 737 454 075, www.oldtoys.cz

Address: Žerotínova 66, Praha 3

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