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Le Patio Lifestyle

Le Patio Lifestyle is a renowned boutique with a tradition stretching across nearly twenty years, specializing in original furniture, decorations, and other products imported from all over the world, as well as in interior design and redesign. Le Patio Lifestyle has two locations throughout the capital city of Prague (at Jungmannova and Dušní street), and each one features a sensory overload of all things cultural and exotic including Colonial style furniture, silver jewelry from India, traditional French sofas, design lamps from the Philippines and Egypt, home perfume from France, but also Czech metal furniture. Products are selected personally by the owner of Le Patio Lifestyle all over the world and they are often original pieces or limited series of hand-made products. The whole concept has its origin in the philosophy of modern interior combined with interesting authentic pieces of furniture and accessories resulting in an original interior that is pleasant to live in. Le Patio Lifestyle also features a large selection of art and lifestyle books (e.g. Taschen), perfect for spicing up any old coffee table. Le Patio Lifestyle offers an overall redesign of interior from floor coverings to decor. It focuses mainly on apartments and family houses and their gardens, but has also rich experience with atypical offices and boutique hotels. A huge emphasis is put on an individual approach to each client and their lifestyle, so that the resulting interior fully corresponds with their tastes and needs. The owner of Le Patio Lifestyle, who also speaks English and French, likes to combine simple modern design with pieces of antique or colonial furniture resulting in interesting contrasts. Le Patio Lifestyle also offers top services including wedding registry, gift certificates, delivery in the Czech Republic and abroad, and furniture rentals.

Jungmannova 30, Praha 1, +420 224 934 375. Dušní 8, Praha 1, +420 222 310 310. www.lepatiolifestyle.com



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