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Bonsai Garden

Bonsai Garden is a small family gardening business owned by the Kliment family in Prague 6, Břevnov. Bonsai Garden's specialized premises include a plant shop, outdoor garden and a heated glasshouse open throughout the year. Bonsai Garden specializes not only in indoor and outdoor bonsai trees but offers many other plants as well. You can choose from a wide variety of orchids, cacti and epiphyte (popular air plants) or even carnivorous plants at Bonsai Garden. You will be motivated to buy not only decorations for the garden, Suisek rocks, minerals and fossils, but also wonderful ceramics, wicker, bamboo and coconut products. Since the store specializes in bonsai trees, you will find all the bonsai related equipment and accessories that you could possibly need here. Besides a constant supply of bonsai trees, the Bonsai Garden also offers unique gifts. If you need something special for your loved ones in addition to a bonsai tree, you can purchase special hand-carved miniature Netsuke figurines, which are replicas of the traditional figurines that were part of Japanese costumes that date back 300 years. Bonsai Garden offers 5-6 cm high statues, carved in bone or wood (buxus), and signed by their creator that are subject to collecting worldwide. There are many reasons for visiting Bonsai Garden, where a friendly, professional and green atmosphere will always surround you.

Bělohorská 512/191, Praha 6, +420 233 358 001,


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