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Dorotheum | Venetian Palace
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Dorotheum | Venice Painting
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Dorotheum | Still Life Painting
Dorotheum | Antique Gallery and Auction House
Dorotheum | Religious Antiques
Dorotheum | Antique Table
Dorotheum | Antique Clock
Dorotheum | Antique Figurine
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Dorotheum | Art Nouveau Bowl
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Dorotheum | Cherubs


Located in Prague’s magical Old Town district, and situated across from the famous Estate Theater, is Prague’s premier auction house and antique gallery, the Dorotheum. If you are searching for fine arts, antiques, diamond and precious gemstone jewelry, silver, porcelain, ceramics, glass and more, Dorotheum is the perfect place for you. It is interesting to note that the Dorotheum has a splendid collection of old Czech garnets set in rings, brooches, and earrings, making the antique garnets a perfect souvenir from the whimsical city of one hundred spires. The Dorotheum is Prague’s best antique auction house and if you wish you can participate in an exciting antique auction yourself. Auctions are held regularly with the majority of the auctions being held in the Czech language; however prices are presented in Czech Crowns and Euros (schedule available online). If you do not wish to join in the excitement of an Old World auction (Dorotheum has been in the antique and auction business since 1707), you are more than welcome to browse through the Old Town gallery, a complete and awe inspiring collection in its own right. The antique gallery is full of the highest quality treasures for you to enjoy and purchase, making the Dorotheum a must-stop for lovers of antiquity and the past. Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane at the high-end Dorotheum and make your antique dreams come true. What is more, the experts at the Dorotheum are available for consultations if you have antique objects, including paintings by old masters and modern artists, porcelain, glass, silver and other valuables, in need of examination.

Ovocný Trh 2/580, Praha 1, +420 224 222 001, 


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