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Maříž Ceramics

Maříž is a ceramics company with locations both in Prague and outside of Prague. Maříž Ceramics is named after the village of Maříž, a small village that lies close to Slavonice which is situated in the beautiful border area where Bohemia, Moravia, and Austria meet. Founded in 1991 by Kryštof Trubáček, local artist and glassworker, the original Maříž Ceramics Oasis in Maříž became famous as a cultural and tourist center selling whimsical and colorful ceramic crafts. Due to the success of magical Maříž Ceramics, the company decided to branch out and founded ceramic shops and studios throughout the Czech Republic and in Prague. What makes Maříž Ceramics so special is that not only can you purchase original ceramic works, you can also paint and decorate your own ceramic mugs making them your very own. Due to the creative opportunities presented at every shop and studio, Maříž Ceramics makes our list as one of the best establishments for gifts and for also entertaining your little ones. Maříž Ceramics also features an online shop where you can purchase a large array of ceramics including clocks, mugs, platters, and plates and more as well as colorful bags, tee shirts and unique Patagonie Calendars.

Prague Location: Ke Krči 19, Praha 4, +420 244 467 211, +420 724 222 561. Maříž 21, 378 81 Slavonice, +420 384 493 337. Nádražní 559, 378 81 Slavonice, +420 384 493 511. Horní Náměstí 532, 378 81 Slavonice, +420 384 493 511,


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