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Located in Prague 7, near the bustling Letenské Náměstí and situated in a cozy and comfortable family house with a backyard, is Cocoon Baby. Cocoon Baby is a professional crèche and day care center that aims to create a warm and safe atmosphere outside of a child’s home, therefore creating a safe nest or cocoon for children away from home. The crèche, which features two classes with 10 toddlers each, is for children from 1 to 3.5 years of age while the Cocoon day care is for children from 1 to 6 years of age. Not only does Cocoon Baby provide day care during the week, they also offer babysitting services in Prague during the evening, all night and the weekend. The main goal of Cocoon Baby is to provide a quality day according to each child’s unique needs. The trained staff members also make it a point to work with each parent individually and are welcoming and enjoy suggestions because for them to take on the care of a child is to become part of the family, so to speak. The professional, kind and reliable staff members at Cocoon Baby see to it that each child is happy and prospering in a creative, fun and safe environment. The setting for Cocoon Baby is a whimsical family home in which a spacious area of multiple rooms are set aside specifically for children including a kitchen with a child-size table and chairs, a large backyard for exercising, a colorful playroom and more. Cocoon baby staff speak French, English, and Czech. Furthermore, Cocoon Baby features a corner for parents equipped with Wi-Fi and coffee if you wish to stay a bit with your children.  

Dobrovského 20, Praha 7, +420 220 514 919, +420 776 690 991, 


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