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Located in a quiet and peaceful area of Prague 5 is the Magic Rainbow Preschool. Magic Rainbow Preschool is a private establishment for children from 2 to 6 years old and offers a fun, safe and professional learning environment where children can be totally immersed into absorbing the English language. Magic Rainbow Preschool provides a safe setting for your child’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development, while the trained staff members encourage a love for knowledge and education. The English educational program at Magic Rainbow Preschool aims to foster the complete development of a child. The preschool maintains a low student to teacher ration (2 teachers to every 12 children), ensuring that each child’s individual needs are met. The Preschool, which features a large backyard for each child’s much needed free and exercise time, also offers numerous fun after school activities including swimming lessons, dancing, cooking and ball games.

Na Hřebenkách 3a, Praha 5. Jinonická 30, Praha 5, +420 776 775 522, 


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