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Jitona | Living Room | Furniture Shopping in Prague
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Jitona, Inc. is a famous and successful Czech manufacturer of high quality design furniture, which is successfully exported to many European countries. Jitona's premium quality has a long tradition that dates back to the First Czechoslovak Republic. Jitona specializes in bedroom, living room and dining room furniture. All of Jitona’s high quality pieces are made from solid wood and feature either a traditional rustic or fresh contemporary design. All of the furniture pieces from Jitona's catalogue are produced in their four factories in the Czech Republic. It is possible to buy Jitona’s furniture in the company store in Sobeslav, at retail partners and in Prague. You can find their furniture in the following quality Prague furniture stores: JMP, Studio zdravého spaní at Újezd, Nábytek Ládví, ARTBY Svět Spánku, FANIDI - postele, MARTTAN, s.r.o., SHOWROOM SEDNISI.CZ and Spectrum – DBK. The speciality of the Jitona Company is the design collection developed by Jitona in cooperation with young Czech designers Václav Říha, Michaela Procházková and 2P Studio. The aim of this cooperation is to offer high quality furniture for young and hip households. Equip your new home with Czech furniture popular all over Europe and be the envy of your peers!

Jitona is sold at ARTBY: Svět Spánku, Obchodní Náměstí 1590, Praha-Modřany, +420 775 212 222, www.artby.cz, www.jitona.cz 


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