Pinkas Synagogue

Located in Prague’s evocative Jewish Quarter is the Pinkas Synagogue. Rabbi Pinkas founded the synagogue in 1479, as he was a wealthy member of Prague’s Jewish community. The Pinkas Synagogue today is an important memorial for the victims of the Nazis. On the walls of the synagogue, specifically the wall of the main nave were written after WWII names of 77,297 Jewish victims from Bohemia and Moravia that did not survive the Terezin Camp. The memorial was designed and created between 1954 and 1959 by the painters Václav Boštík and Jiří John. It was last renovated after the collapse of the Communist regime and reopened to the public in 1996. In the synagogue you can also find drawings and paintings by the children held at Terezin during WWII. The Pinkas Synagogue is part of the Jewish Museum in Prague.

Siroka 3, Praha 1,

Address: Siroka 3, Praha 1

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