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Toulcův Dvůr - Prague Environmental Education Center

Located in the Hostivař area of Prague is Toulcův Dvůr, a family center that focuses on environmental education for families with young children. The goal of the center is to maintain a quality and comfortable establishment for ecological education in an urban area. Toulcův Dvůr believes in the philosophy that the earlier children are exposed to an ecological education the greater the impact will be on the development of their ecological awareness, thus making them responsible and respectful towards Mother Nature as adults. Toulcův Dvůr, a farm estate that dates back to 1362 is comprised of multiple houses including Gothic and Baroque buildings, agricultural land and farmland with livestock, plus natural habitats such as a wetland area, an alluvial woodland, flower meadows, an Alder grove and more. At this whimsical interactive farm estate you can also find playgrounds, an eco-garden, lecture rooms and an exhibition gallery. Toulcův Dvůr offers many activities for children and adults including programs for schools, workshops for teachers, family activities such as art days and the Mothers’ Club, an exceptional regular club for both mother and child. The Mothers’ Club focuses on family orientated activities in the play area and garden where children can learn about healthy cooking, how to interact with domestic animals, creative activities focusing on environmental and cultural topics and physical activities such as dancing and playing musical instruments. Regular hobby club meetings regarding domestic animals, insects, camping and more take place at Toulcův Dvůr as well as dog training and education for children aged 10 – 18.

Kubatova 1/32, Praha 10, +420 272 660 500, +420 721 813 981, 


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