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Visit the largest, most impressive aquarium in the Czech Republic! Mořský Svět – Sea World is located in the bustling area of Prague 7, Holesovice in the Výstaviště Fairgrounds. Mořský Svět – Sea World, a permanent educational exhibit visited by school groups and families or individuals alike, features numerous tanks with a total of 260,000 liters of water in which you can spot 4,500 varieties of fish and other sea creatures. Each year around 80,000 people visit Mořský Svět – Sea World, making it one of the most popular attractions for children and adults alike. The largest tank, which cost over 10 million CZK, has over 100,000 liters of salt water and features a front surface that is 8 meters long. The colorful interior of the tank is decorated with coral reefs that total 4.5 tons (the coral reefs alone needed 3 tons of sea salt to thrive). The filter system is set up to filter 60 thousand liters of water in one hour, in order to produce a perfect resemblance to the natural flow of seawater. A special lighting device replaces natural sun and moon light. The interior of Mořský Svět – Sea World is equally as impressive as the water tanks themselves; the whole entire wall and ceiling spaces are covered in hand-painted depictions of the sea and the colorful life forms located in its mysterious depths. Mořský Svět – Sea World features a souvenir shop as well where you can purchase everything and anything showcasing oceanic themes in the shape of t-shirts, plush toys, notebooks, pens, seashells imported from all over the world, posters, shark teeth pendants and more. What is more, if you are searching for a unique venue for a private dinner party or company conference, Mořský Svět – Sea World available to rent out, and is a popular and out of the ordinary choice that clients or family members will talk about for years to come.

Výstaviště, Praha 7, +420 736 649 558, 


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