The LLEV design studio by Eva Mochalová and Marcel Mochal founded in 2004 offers professional and creative services in the area of product, interior and graphic design. The LLEV studio is open to various orders of its clients, which is also evident from its wide portfolio of offered services and completed projects. The studio designs furniture, jewelry, glass, porcelain, lighting and other objects excelling in original and unique design. Every project is preceded by a detailed study and discussion with the client in which the end customer's needs are taken into account. The LLEV studio cooperates with companies such as Laufen CZ, Jika, Becherovka, Beleon, Manumade, Simax, Ton, Lasvit and other private clients and institutions. In any kind of project, the studio will give shape, color and life to your ideas. LLEV presents its designs regularly at the Designblok exhibition of contemporary design and other exhibitions. In 2011 LLEV was nominated for the prestigious EDIDA (Elle Decor International Design Awards) award.

MgA. Eva Mochalová, +420 775 165 478, MgA. Marcel Mochal, +420 775 325 444, www.llev.cz

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