Prague Gothic Architecture | Tyn Church and Old Town Square
Prague Gothic Architecture | Tyn Church before a Storm
Prague Gothic Architecture | The Spires of Tyn Church
Prague Gothic Architecture | Tyn Church

Church of our Lady before Tyn

In the gorgeous center of Prague, in famous Old Town Square, sits the imposing, often sinister looking, the Church of our Lady before Tyn; if you happen to first catch sight of this Gothic beauty in the evening, the amber glow illuminating out of the high spires will certainly awe and hypnotize you. It was first built in 1365, as Germans merchants provided funds in order to possess a main worshipping center. The resplendent entryway was built in 1390, while the front of the church (the west side) was built in 1485 after the Hussite wars. Tyn church then became the main church of the Hussites. The interior of the church, especially the altar, is one of the most elaborate ones in the Czech Republic; its centerpiece is the portrayal of the rise of Virgin Mary to Heaven. Notice the two massive towers reaching majestically into the sky; they are not identical, one of them is more elaborate and wider, it is said to represent the stronger part of the family, the man. It is also interesting to note that the second south tower was not complete until 1511, imagine the appearance of this famous landmark with only one spire. To enter the Gothic church you must go through the arcade with the Gothic vaulting of the Tyn School, which was in operation from the 14th to the 19th centuries.

Old Town Square, Praha 1.


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