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Quality craftsmanship, first-class natural materials, a playful, yet stylish concept, thoroughly designed down to the very last detail, and a heavy emphasis on safety – that is how furniture by DEVOTO can be described. This Czech furniture company was established in 2008 by Lukáš Lédl and Petra Porta and stepped into the world of children's furniture two years later. Since 2015, DEVOTO has been operating successfully on the Czech market as well as in international design fairs, and has been cooperating with prominent Czech designers and architects on private & commercial interior design and implementations. Today, DEVOTO specializes in the serial production of hip & somewhat whimsical children's and student furniture, decor and accessories and also in collaborations with the leading names of Czech interior design, such as Designist, Mimosa, Flatwhite, Domesi and many others. Breathtaking interiors are not the only fruits of DEVOTO's labor – together with the designers, this company works on solitary projects too. One of them is the TUTU cradle, which was crafted by DEVOTO according to a concept designed by the Czech designer duo, Vrtiška-Žák and won "The Best New Furniture" category at the Designblok 2016 Awards. Furniture by DEVOTO can be purchased in individual pieces or complete sets and is characterized by an almost iconic appearance, which is designed specifically to charm both children and adults and, moreover, meet the everyday needs of all users. Design by DEVOTO combines subtle shades of pastel colors, rounded, yet clear lines and naturally treated wood as the main material. What is more, DEVOTO only uses environmentally friendly, certified and time-tested materials and focuses on design that provides maximum safety, which is ensured by, among others, rounded edges, top-quality hinges with lifetime warranties and concealed drawer slides. Alongside furniture collections and individual pieces, DEVOTO also offers charming handmade children's accessories, such as lamps, wall clocks, cloth toys, bean bags, blankets and much more. See the unique products by DEVOTO firsthand at the company's showroom in Libčice nad Vltavou, on the official website or in the workshop (also in Libčice), where you can explore the story behind every piece of DEVOTO furniture.

Areál Šroubáren 43, Libčice nad Vltavou (showroom & workshop), +420 720 659 608, +420 777 314 733,


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