CONICA – Dog Hotel and School | Prague
CONICA – Dog Hotel and School | Dog Hotels in Prague
CONICA – Dog Hotel and School | Prague
CONICA – Dog Hotel and School | Dog Training

CONICA – Dog Hotel and School

The CONICA Dog Hotel and School is located at the edge of the municipality of Ořech between the Prague quarters of Řeporyje and Barrandov. Dogs are accommodated here in spacious hutches with wooden floors that are heated in winter. Part of each cage is a kennel divided into a hall and bedroom. Dogs are taken out three times a day and depending on their character can either move freely in a fenced area with other dogs or are walked individually on a leash. Dogs are fed with quality dry dog food, canned food or with dog food the dogs are used to, supplied by their owners. The CONICA Dog School also offers dog training for all breeds with or without their owner. At the dog school they will remedy problematic behavior of your furry friend, teach him obedience, prepare him for exams and provide training for defense. A guarantee of the quality of the provided training is the school's 25 years of practice and the broad experience with all types of breeds. The dog training can be also combined with the dog's stay in the hotel. Within four weeks a dog can learn how to be obedient and is handed over back to the owner. Every year the school organizes also training camps for both beginners and advanced. CONICA Dog Hotel and Dog School is here for all dogs, whether they are champions or mutts!

Radka Benčová (Kroužecká), +420 777 606 616, +420 777 153 873, edge of Ořech,


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