Mazlíček Boarding Cattery | Prague
Mazlíček Boarding Cattery | Prague
Mazlíček Boarding Cattery | Cats in Prague
Mazlíček Boarding Cattery | Pet Hotels in Prague

Mazlíček Boarding Cattery

Mazlíček hotel for cats in Prague 8 provides quality accommodation and all-day care for your cats during your next vacation, business trip or weekend trip outside of Prague. This Prague cat hotel has been open since 2002 and since that time has gained a lot of valuable experience in cat care. All cats are treated individually and with love so that each cat can spend a pleasant time in the hotel even without their beloved owners. Every pet has its own hutch with a litter box, feed and water bowls, toys and an elevated space to relax. If the owner agrees, cats can move freely all over the hotel, as they are used to doing at home. Cats are accepted in the hotel only if they are healthy and have all of their vaccinations in order. Mazlíček Boarding Cattery, the first hotel for cats in Prague, boasts a family atmosphere where your cat will feel completely at home. Book a place for your cat in advance – especially during the summer and at Christmas time, reservations need to made even several months ahead of your cat's stay. The website of Mazlíček Boarding Cattery is also available in English.

Pod Vlachovkou 9, Praha 8, +420 603 981 869,


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