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Moje Kredenc, or what translates to My Cupboard in English, is a specialty food shop that specializes in high quality gourmet goods. At Moje Kredenc you can find an excellent selection of European wines including Spanish, Italian, Bohemian and Moravian wines, some of which you can sample after 4 p.m. every Thursday and Friday. In addition to a great selection of wines, you can also purchase gift boxes including port wine and giant bottles of wine from France, Italy and Spain. The cheese and sausage selection is something to talk about among your culinary friends as well, as the shop has products from all over Europe including Spanish Lomo Embuchado, Prosciutto de pepper from Italy, Dutch Gouda, fresh goat and sheep cheese, as well as classic French cheeses such as Gruyere and Morbier. The Parmesan cheese, which is a seasoned 33-month, is absolutely delicious. And of course, for lovers of all things Mediterranean the shop carries lovely sun-dried tomatoes, perfectly suitable for eating straight from the bag or adding to your favorite recipe, and a great selection of small baguettes from a local bakery filled with olives, cheese and more. For those who prefer the sweeter things in life, Moje Kredenc has an expansive range of Belgian chocolates including the ZAABÄR brand, known for its chocolate bars featuring exotic spices. The shop also carries gourmet ‘tools’ such as special knives for cheese, plus fondue sets and practical gifts for tea lovers. Moje Kredenc has three stores in Prague, one of which is on the bustling Vodičkova Street in New Town, in the city center of Prague, and the newest location is in the lowest level of the Atrium Flora Shopping Center, in the popular border area between Vinohrady and Žížkov at the Flora metro and tram stop, and focuses mainly on specialty meats, cheeses, wines, and other edibles.

Vodičkova 16, Praha 1, +420 222 231 281. Pobřežní 394/12, Praha 8, +420 224 829 118. Atrium Flora Shopping Center at Vinohradská 151, Praha 3, +420 255 742 204.


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