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The Petřín Fire

Ask anyone where the loveliest place in Prague is and they will more than likely answer Petřín Hill. This lush garden and public park is the place to stroll with your loved one on sunny days or moonlit romantic evenings. But a warning should be extended to you if you so wish to wander about the hill at night. There once was a pagan grove on Petřín Hill surrouned by tall lime trees and in the center of said grove a sacrificial altar stood were pagan priests would burn young beautiful virgins to the great delight of their gods. During the reign of Prince Boleslav local pagans were radically dealt with and their sacrificial grove was destroyed after which a church consecrated to St. Lawrence was built nearby. The pagan faith however had no intention of disappearing and quite often the magical gods made their presence known on Petřín Hill by starting mysterious and random yet self contained fires in which witnesses would see the scary grimicing faces of the pagans Prince Boleslav dealt with. These fires continue to this day happening in the evening hours at irregular intervals and last for about 20 minutes. It is said that a brief moment relaxing by a fire can cure rheumatism.  

Petřín, Praha 1. The fire ghost is not dangerous as long as you keep away! 


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