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Jama, or The Hollow, opened its doors in 1994 and has been going strong ever since. Located close to Wenceslas Square, Jama is popular with locals and expatriates, but surprisingly not with tourists. This cellar bar is lively and fun with occasional live Jazz and Blues, cool music playing from the speakers, friendly service and an upbeat atmosphere. The walls are decorated with posters featuring Pop culture icons, musicians and famous movies. The large menu offers tasty Tex-Mex cuisine; careful, it is rather spicy by Czech standards. The specialty of the Hollow has to be their burgers, which are fresh, meaty and absolutely huge! The burritos are impressive too, they are absolutely gigantic and come with a Vegetarian option as well. Every Sunday during the American football season, Jama hosts NFL nights with inexpensive hot wings and plenty of beer. Every Tuesday is Hamburger day with Mexican, Swiss, American, Cajun and Jerk burgers, and exotically-spiced gourmet steaks are the specialty on Wednesdays. Jama tends to be very busy during the evening, it is best to call ahead and reserve a table.

Be sure to check out Jama's sister restaurant, Jama Steakhouse.

V Jámě 7, Praha 1, +420 733 605 408, www.jamapub.cz


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