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Dinitz Kosher Restaurant

Dinitz Kosher Restaurant is located in the atmospheric Jewish Quarter, by the gorgeous Spanish Synagogue, which is situated merely steps from Prague’s famous Old Town Square and the romantic Charles Bridge. Dinitz Kosher Restaurant is the first and only Kosher restaurant in the city approved and supervised by the Chief Rabbinate of Prague. Dinitz Kosher Restaurant offers a wide selection of delicious dishes to choose from, including sandwiches and pasta. Our favorites include: Hummus bi Tahini (hummus and tahini melee, golden brown sweet onions, served with homemade grilled bread) and Falafel (deep fried chickpea balls and herbs served with tahini sauce) for appetizers, the Rucola Grilled Salad (rucola, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and grilled slices of beef entrecote seasoned with olive oil, balsamic vinegar), the Mediterranean Sandwich (tahini melee, hard boiled egg, parsley, tomato, cucumber, baked eggplants and fresh oregano), Pasta Polo (stir-fried chicken salami, olive oil, garlic, pine nuts, fresh parsley and lemon juice), Steak Roca (grilled entrecote steak topped with rucola leaves, grilled bell peppers, roasted almonds and home made barbeque sauce) and Chicken Liver ‘a La Mamma’ (tender chicken liver sautéed in red wine with a sauce of onion confiture served on puréed potatoes). Dinitz also features a Shabbat Festive Dinner every Friday night, which is an all-inclusive Jewish meal that consists of a 4-course meal, Kiddush wine, homemade Challah bread and unlimited soft drinks and beer. Dinitz also offers take-away and delivery services. It is highly recommended to make reservations, as the demand for kosher food in Prague is quite high. The restaurant's Glatt Kosher certificate is available for viewing online. 

Bílkova 12, Praha 1, + 420 222 313 308, www.dinitz.cz



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