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Masala Indian Restaurant

The Masala Indian restaurants, where the multifaceted flavours and scents of traditional Indian cuisine mingle, are located in Mánesova and Pod Karlovem streets in Vinohrady and on the south-eastern edge of the city in Průhonice. Masala wishes to indulge you with the tastes and aromas of colorful and traditional Indian cuisine. Masala has chosen a variety of Indian dishes from many regions of the mighty subcontinent in order for you to sample a wide range of delightful delicacies from the exotic land of India. It is interesting to note that food in India is identified with the word Rasa, which means to savor, or deeply enjoy a sensuous experience, which is exactly what you will do at Masala, which is considered by many to be the best Indian restaurant in Prague. The popularity of Masala has in fact gained over the years and it was with baited breath that the second and third locations opened after the first restaurant on Mánesova. This special restaurant is extremely popular, even with those unfamiliar with Indian cuisine and we recommend reserving a table in advance. Its popularity is in in no way diminished by the fact that it is one of the few non-smoking restaurants in Vinohrady, therefore allowing diners to fully focus on, and appreciate, the intricate flavors of the food. We heartily recommend the traditional Lentil Soup, the Tandoori Chicken Salad, the Malai Tikka appetizer (tender chicken filets marinated in cashew nuts, fresh cream, garlic, ginger and cheese, cooked in the tandoori oven), the Chicken Madras main dish (a medium to hot curry from South India. Delicious and tangy chicken tenders cooked with exotic South Indian spices, a dish that captures your senses!), the Rogan Josh (the Kashmiri king of curries), the Calcutta Fish Curry (from West Bengal, a region famous for its fish curries. Boneless fish cooked in special spices, finished in a thick gravy) and the vegetarian Rajmah Masala main dish (kidney beans slowly cooked and blended with fresh ginger, garlic and red onions, garnished with slices of ginger and coriander leaves). If you wish to try a Biryani rice dish, the Prawn Biryani (tender prawns, basmati rice and spices) and the Vegetarian Biryani (delicious mix of fresh vegetables cooked with basmati rice) are top choices. For dessert, do not miss the traditional Kesar Kheer (rice pudding with almond, pistachio, saffron, coconut and sugar) or the sweet Gulab Jaman. Masala Indian Restaurant is the place in Prague to try authentic Indian cuisine.

Mánesova 13, Prague 2, +420 222 251 601 (Czech), +420 773 555 652 (English); Pod Karlovem 12/1574, Prague 2, +420 222 561 021; Tulipánová 142, Průhonice, +420 267 314 934, 


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