Perhaps you no longer like the furniture in your apartment or house and you wish for an interior change. Or perhaps you are just moving into a new home and need assistance choosing suitable furnishings. If this sounds like your situation then simply turn to the Czech furniture maker LUGI whose team and mainly its experienced carpenters will create an original interior for you with their handmade furniture. For the LUGI Company, which has been active on the Czech as well as international market since 1993, the key to creating a great interior is especially being in close contact with thier clients. It’s important to learn about ideas and wishes of an individual customer, and based on that create an interior where they will be happy and feel fully relaxed. The furniture created by the LUGI designers is characterized by simplicity, originality and precision. The team’s work is based on six principles – tradition, expertise, adaptability, personal approach, guarantee of quality and individualism. The result is quality and original custom-made furniture. LUGI designers put emphasis on detail, quality material and precise craft. Designers use materials of the highest quality such as solid American walnut, oak wood, stainless steel, glass or leather for furniture making. And just how does cooperation with LUGI work? You simply arrange a meeting with designers and talk to them about your ideas and then they will propose in cooperation with top architects an interior that fullfils your expectations. The team of experts will make and install your new furniture at the spot. If you would like to see how the process with your own eyes, you can visit the shop anytime and observe carpenters in action. In the end the master carpenter even signs every piece of furniture. LUGI boasts an unconventional furniture warehouse which serves the company also as a place for meetings with customers or architects. It’s a modern industrial building of the former Coal Mill, opened by LUGI in 2012. The whole building originating from the beginning of the 20th century used to be an abandoned factory which was eventually renovated by the Patrik Hoffman architectural studio. A modern building was built which preserved its historic charm. Architects were also awarded with the Grand Prix architects prize for this interesting project. The LUGI studio also presents its products regularly at international design trade shows and exhibitions. You can see individual pieces of furniture also in modern design stores such as STOCKIST, KONSEPTI, FOX Gallery, or the Pavilon. 

Pavilon: Vinohradská 1200/50, 1, Praha 2, Areál Šroubáren 40, Libčice nad Vltavou, +420 233 310 633,   

Address: Areál Šroubáren 40, Libčice nad Vltavou | Vinohradská 1200/50, 1, Praha 2

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