If you desire unique and original design work do not miss the Paletky design studio. Paletky is located in the Prague quarter of Žižkov and focuses on making furniture out of used transportation pallets. This unique design studio takes pride in using pallets made of exotic woods such as mahogany or the Japanese cedar. All the pallets used by the Paletky design studio to make furniture are merely thermally (not chemically) processed and their complete medical safety is guaranteed. The Paletky studio also offers design solutions for complete interiors, from their visualizations to their implementation, combining wood with other materials. It is almost unbelievable how many different furniture pieces transportation pallets can be turned into: in Paletky's portfolio you can find stylish exterior furniture (garden benches, armchairs, tables and practical vertical flower-beds), furniture for interiors of houses and apartments (beds, chairs, armchairs, dining tables, desks, conference tables, cabinets, shelves, doors) but also furniture pieces and module systems which you can furnish all kinds commercial spaces with, such as offices and branches (barstools, café tables, exhibition counters, module shelf systems perfect for retail, reception desks and more). If the idea of breathing new life into used transportation pallets by giving them new use has caught your interest, feel free to attend one of the popular weekend workshops organized by the Paletky studio. Paletky also offers original team-building activities to companies which allow each member of the team to contribute with his or her creative skills for a common creative enterprise and to leave with a good feeling of having created a practical furniture piece. 

Na Balkáně 17a, Praha 3, +420 728 176 928, 

Address: Na Balkáně 17, Praha 3

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