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La Bottega di Finestra

Located in the heart of Prague’s attractive Old Town is La Bottega di Finestra, an authentic Italian bistro that offers an array of Italian goods to go and delicious light meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you long to sample the best products that the gorgeous country of Italy has to offer, La Bottega di Finestra is the top bistro in Prague to visit. Opened in January of 2012 and operated by Riccardo Lucque and Ondřej Rákosník, La Bottega di Finestra is an extension of La Finestra in Cucina, a highly reputable Italian fine dining restaurant that has been labeled as the best Italian cuisine establishment in the capital city of Prague. La Finestra in Cucina is also the sister restaurant of Aromi-Enoteca Con Cucina and the Gastronomica shop and bistro, both in Prague’s residential, Art Nouveau area of Vinohrady. The front of the La Bottega di Finestra shop acts as a bistro where you can enjoy a delectable breakfast consisting of Italian pastries from Mimmo, a baker from Puglia in southern Italy that cooperates with the shop; you can also sip on expert Italian coffee from the Gianni Frasi brand. If you happen to work in the area or you are sightseeing in Old Town, the bistro features daily specials that are available to take away or to eat in an intimate dining area that is complete with comfortable bistro tables and chairs. The bistro also offers a wide selection of salamis, Parma hams and cheese, all perfect to sample all the while relaxing with a top glass of wine. The back of the shop offers fresh fish and aged meat. The certified aged beef is a rare Marchigiana breed that is from the Marche region, bred by the experienced Domenico Celli. The shop also features gelato from Cream & Dream, a variety of Italian desserts made by top pastry chefs, chocolate treats and much more. Sample the finer things in life at La Bottega di Finestra and taste all that the amazing country of Italy has to offer.  

Platnéřská 11, Praha 1, +420 222 233 094,


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