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Shelanu Kosher Cuisine in Prague
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Chabad's Shelanu Kosher Restaurant & Deli

Located near the Old New Synagogue in picturesque Josefov, Prague's Jewish Quarter, is a very welcome addition to the Kosher food scene in Prague – Chabad's Shelanu Restaurant and Deli. Shelanu is under the strict supervision of Chabad in Prague, and is the only restaurant in Prague currently offering Mehadrin, Glatt, and Pat Yisrael kosher delicacies and meat and parve dishes. Groups are welcome, and Shelanu takes pride in its ability to cater to large groups. Delightful daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert options are available, and Shabbat meals are popular, so reserve your place in advance. Be sure to improve your stay in Prague with a Shabbat meal in true Shelanu style and enjoy your Shabbat lunch favorites such as Kiddush, Gefilte fish with Chrain, Prague's best Cholent with Kishka, as well as Kugel, fresh fruit desserts, and more. Everyday menu items include the renowned salad and hummus bars, baked salmon or trout, beef stew, chicken schnitzel, and much more. A wide range of scrumptious sandwiches and wraps are available, with our favorites being the vegetable wrap with hummus, and the East End Sandwich – a delicious concoction featuring pastrami, deli mustard, pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce. Food is available to eat in, or for take out, which includes Shabbat meals.

Břehová 8, Prague 1 Josefov, +420 728 186 832 or +420 221 665 141,



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