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Mozart Dinner | Prague
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Mozart Dinner | Dinner with Live Music

Mozart Dinner – Your Private Opera in Prague

A unique dining experience awaits you in the five-star Grand Hotel Bohemia in Prague – an excellent dinner prepared by the Franz Josef Restaurant, known from the Michelin Guide, and set in a magnificent historical palace will be served during intermissions in a concert composed of famous arias from Mozart's operas and performed by excellent opera soloists. No matter how much all this may seem as a dream, it is indeed a dream come true – you can participate by enjoying a three-course candle-lit meal accompanied by the live concert of the Amadeus Prague ensemble consisting of two opera singers and a string quintet from the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra. The vocalists will sing the most famous opera arias and duets from Mozart's Don Giovanni, The Marriage of Figaro and The Magic Flute, while dressed in period costumes, thereby giving you the impression of having traveled several centuries back in time to the glory days of the listed Neo-Baroque Boccaccio Dance Hall, shining with its marble, gold and crystal glass. The three courses are inspired by meals of the eighteenth century, and will please not only your taste buds but also your imagination. For the first course you will be served a delightful celery and apple salad flavored with vinegar dressing and garnished with smoked knuckle. The second course brings a heartier meal typical of Central Europe – a beef confit with strong whole-grain mustard sauce, Tyrolean dumplings and Viennese onions, while the dessert course will crown it all with a Mozart cake with nougat and apple purée. Moreover, during Christmas time you can look forward to concerts with a distinct Christmas atmosphere. The dates of upcoming performances can be found on the website provided under this text, where you can also buy tickets. 

Grand Hotel Bohemia, Boccaccio Ballroom, Králodvorská 4, Praha 1, +420 608 635 694,


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