Located in the residential area of Prague 6 is Shalamar, an authentic Indian restaurant that features some of the best Indian fare in all of Prague. The restaurant’s logo features the words Shalamar Restaurant – Royal Taste of the Himalayas, and you can bet that you will most definitely be in for a royal culinary treat at this successful establishment. Shalamar differs from other Indian restaurants in Prague, and in Europe for that matter, as the restaurant was the first to bring the traditional and ancient cooking method of Dum Pukht to the continent. The Dum Pukht cooking method is a slow cooking process that ultimately seals in the fine flavor of the food. The Indian Shalamar restaurant is also proud to serve tender Halal meat on bone specialties. Something that is of great interest is that the restaurant uses their own Shalamar brand of royal basmati rice that is grown in the fertile foothills of the Himalayas. Shalamar has an extensive food menu and we are certain that everyone’s appetite will be met with the fine Indian specialties served there. The restaurant also has a lunch menu Monday – Friday and delivers as well. Treat your taste buds to the exotic flavors of India at Shalamar, and be swept away at first bite!  

Puskinovo namesti 16, Praha 6, +420 252 545 018, 

Address: Puskinovo namesti 16, Praha 6

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