Lokál | Traditional Czech Restaurant
Lokál | Traditional Czech Fare
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Lokál | Prague Restaurant


If you wish to spend an evening enjoying homemade Czech cuisine, simply do not miss Lokál – this is where it's at in the city of Prague for hearty, quality Czech food with a twist. Many places can boast of serving homemade hearty Czech food in Prague but not many can boast of serving Czech cuisine that is made the slow, good old fashioned way with top ingredients and without artificial ingredients, but lucky for us Lokál can. With four locations in Prague and its popularity ever growing, this chain restaurant, which forms a part of the Ambiente group, is concerned with preparing wholesome honest food – this is one restaurant that disbelieves in using any sort of trick of the trade to make products faster or cheaper. Since Lokál makes use of fresh ingredients and spices sourced from renowned regional suppliers they are able to offer a daily dish every day, ensuring that you can return time and time again and always be pleasantly surprised. Or if you are a routine type of person and prefer dishes you already know, you can bet that the quality of their set menu will always be on par. The menu at Lokál is a decent size, which means that there is something for everyone. No artificial flavorings are used, side dishes are “all you can eat”, and furthermore the smoked meat served at Lokál is made at their own butcher's shop where they use meat from Přeštice pigs and “Chester” beef by proven butcher’s techniques. At Lokál even each sausage is original. If you are craving real Czech food but don't want fast, unhealthy pub food, do not miss Lokál!

Dlouhá 33, Praha 1, +420 222 316 265. Míšeňská 12, Praha 1, +420 257 212 014. K Verneráku 70/1, Praha 4, +420 244 467 448. Nad Královskou oborou 232/31, Praha 7, +420 220 912 319, www.ambi.cz


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