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Santini Garden

Situated in an unforgettable setting underneath the looming Prague Castle complex is the popular Santini Garden. This charming restaurant that is housed in a beautifully renovated Renaissance building serves up modern takes on traditional Czech dishes in a lovely, cozy atmosphere. Spend quality time with loved ones all the while enjoying high quality Czech cuisine – if you enjoy al fresco dining under the stars, Santini Garden, complete with free Wi-Fi boasts a lovely seating area in a lush garden, a real Lesser Quarter gem, that is simply perfect for celebrations and family dinners during the warmer months. The view of Prague Castle is priceless and you will simply love sitting under the shade of the old pear tree. The menu boasts dishes that are made according to seasonal crops, ensuring that you will never be bored with the ever-changing food at Santini Garden. And as the experienced chefs and staff members are not afraid of experimenting in the kitchen, you can bet that the winning combination of fresh ingredients and imaginative ideas will produce an array of flavors and aromas that will have you returning again and again in order to see what's new. Enjoy a lunch or romantic evening out in the very heart of Prague at Santini Garden where staff members are waiting to assist you on a culinary journey that will awaken your senses!

Jánský vršek 323/13, Praha 1, +420 602 178 542,


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