Brasserie La Gare

Located in Prague's charming downtown area close to pretty Náměstí Republiky (Republic Square) and Masarykovo nádraží (Masaryk Train Station) is Brasserie La Gare, a traditional restaurant where you can sample delectable French fare. This authentic French brasserie that opened in 2009 has become one of Prague's premier dining spots; offering delicacies of France in a comfortable and attractive setting, Brasserie La Gare makes all things French and gourmet easily accessible for all in the city of Prague. Brasserie La Gare is named so as it is located by the train station and because it is the flagship or the main “station”, if you will, of the La Gare Group; Brasserie La Gare supplies other local restaurants in this group, including Vozovna, Jezerka, and Les Moules. The flagship address is also home to Le Winstub, a cellar restaurant with a different concept, where you can enjoy family brunch, all you can eat buffet meals, Rotisserie roasted meats and more. Brasserie La Gare offers delicious classic French dishes such as Coq au vin, frog legs, Burgundy snails, onion soup, quiche and much more. It's also important to note for enthusiastic Francophiles that the House of French Gastronomy in which Brasserie La Gare is located also sells homemade items in its bakery and pastry shop, a variety of gourmet goods (cold meats, cheeses, pates, etc.), and imported wines directly from regional French winemakers. La Gare has a onsite French sommelier, a head chef with international experience who loves to share his admiration for French cuisine with the city of Prague, a beautiful outdoor seating area, and an atmospheric charming interior. Furthermore, La Gare is happy to play host for events such as weddings, corporate parties and meetings, press conferences, team buildings, etc.; catering is also available. Visit this charming center for French gourmet living and fall in love with La Gare today - open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

V Celnici 3, Praha 1, +420 222 313 712, +420 602 502 906, 

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Address: V Celnici 3, Praha 1

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